Sep 16, 2013


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Aug 25, 2013

New York, I Love You x 2

New York, I Love You.
One city,
Two darlings.
The city of lights,
The city that never sleeps.
One trip, so many memories to be told
My affection for the city is an abundant one.
Lights never stop glistening,
People never stop talking.
It’s all so great, so full of life.
The city of my dreams, it is.
The only fragrance I smelled was of the city.
I can’t quite capture the essence of the smell
But it’s captivating.
Designer clothes sold on every corner,
It’s beyond fabulous.
Strangers strut down the streets, not caring.
New York, I love you.
-Victoria Stinson

Aug 21, 2013

Ms. Hepburn

Ms. Audrey Hepburn
Iconic elegance,
Endless glamour,
Ms. Hepburn illustrations the graceful nature of a classic lady.
 Breakfast at Tiffany’s,
My Fair Lady,
Roman Holiday,
These are movies known by millions,
And refined by one,
Ms. Hepburn.
The iconic long stick that hangs from her mouth,
The array of pearls strung from her neck,
Unforgotten is her beauty,
 Svelte is her appearance,
     Ms. Hepburn.
    -Victoria Stinson


Aug 12, 2013

Boho Love & #OOTD

Today one of my best friends turned seventeen! I would like to wish a very special happy birthday to Alex (aka Meagan Fox). 

Describe her fashion in one word: Bohemian (all the way).

Bohemian is a type of style that I adore and wish I could rock more often. Alex is like a cross between Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. Though her wardrobe is mainly boho (even if she hasn't figured it out yet), she keeps it fresh. So when we went to her birthday dinner at Social, I wasn't surprised to see her walk in with a maxi skirt and loose top. The birthday girl even looked chic as she ate her cookies and milk... (:

Of course the deep reds and golds in her shorts make them a boho favorite.

The ever-so stunning Alex wore this relaxed bohemian ensemble tonight.

featured: Swiss Dots crop top made by moi and my leather skirt.

Keep Being You.
Happy Birthday xoxo
      Stunning, right?

Aug 10, 2013


Today's outfit is simple with a dramatic touch. By looking you can tell that the dramatic touch here is the ribbon belt. This morning I came across my dress from my 8th grade graduation and detached the belt. The belt is a sweet pastel color and is just thick enough to make a statement. I knew this belt would look fab with a simple outfit and darker colors. So I dug up this bubbly blouse in a rusty orange color and paired it with my high waisted jeans that I have a skinny love for. The shoes aren't very visible in the picture but they are a light mustard color. 

featured: Forever 21 top, Gap high waisted jeans, Urban Outfitters platforms.


If you are a usual to my twitter page, the first thing you will notice is that I log my outfits almost everyday. (Click here to see!) So, to blog more often, I thought about posting about my outfits every once and a while. Every time I blog about an outfit I'll call it #OOTD. There's plenty to go around!

Jul 17, 2013

Summer Trends 2013

Even though summer is sadly coming to a close, there's still plenty of time to rock this summer's hottest trends. As we've all heard before, trends change constantly. It was nice to have at least a few consistent trends that lasted all summer. These five trends are both fun and fashionable and great for summer!

Lets start with accessories. My favorite way to make a statement this summer is with hair chalk. Its fun and you can get as creative with it as you want. Now I'm not saying go hair chalk your whole head or dye your whole head red, keep it simple. I love this hair chalk from Free People. You can pick different assortments of color! 

featured: Free People hair chalk.

Summer is all about fun, bright colors. What's a better way to play with them then through lipstick? For every girl, lipstick should be a must. If you want to experiment with bright colors, I suggest you buy an inexpensive lipstick by Revlon. (Their lipsticks are great.) The color pictured is "Kiss Me Coral" and it has been one of my summer staples. 

featured: Revlon Super Lustrous Shine in "Kiss Me Coral."

Ahh! I am loving see through bags this summer. I'm obsessed. I think they're effortlessly chic. Sadly this trend will only be happening for summer. Therefore, I went ahead and purchased this bag instead of the very expensive Furla bag I originally fell in love with.

featured: Shopseaglass Shourouk Duna Rainbow Inspired PVC Bag

Let's move onto trends in clothing. Lately I've been seeing lots of graphic tees and flouncy bottoms. I love these two trends because they're girly but have an edge to them. Its simple to wear these trends and they look good on almost anyone. 
featured: Forever 21 shirt and skirt.  

This look is my favorite of the two. Here we have both the futuristic and sporty trend. Both of these trends are fun to put together and wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             featured: Forever 21 diamond necklace, J.Crew shirt, H&M skirt.


Jul 3, 2013

Rachel Zoe

She's a wife, a mother and an American fashion stylist with two lines of her own. At 41, she's also a well known editor and designer whose been in the fashion biz for nearly two decades. Known as one of the most influential forces in the fashion world today, Rachel Zoe is a triple threat. 

Rachel Zoe 
Surprisingly, the amazing Rachel Zoe didn't come into my life until one of my good friends introduced me to her. Lexi was telling me about her reality show on Bravo and I was so intrigued that I knew I had to watch it. "I can't believe you don't know who Rachel Zoe is," she said that same day. When I watched the show that night I remember thinking to myself, "I can't believe I don't know who Rachel Zoe is." Her reality show is one of my favorites. I love how watching it I feel like I'm one of her assistants helping her get through a day of fashion directing. If you've never seen it you must, especially if you love fashion. The "Rachel Zoe Project" plays on Bravo and I am anxiously awaiting season six. Recently it has been announced that she is expecting her second child at the end of this year. Her already totes adorable son Sky is a perfect mix between Rachel and her husband. His long hair and chic wardrobe screams "I'm Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman's son." We're not sure if its going to be a girl or another crazy cute boy but we're so excited to find out. 

(from left to right) Sky, Rodger, and Rachel   
Pictured is Rachel's very boho personal style.    
Rachel Zoe's 2013 Collection
Keep being fabulous, Rachel.

Jun 20, 2013

NYC - Kisses

Sorry its been so long dolls, I've had a very busy summer. My summer has been complete with many adventures which I would love to share with you another time. As for now, I've been saving this blog post for a moment when I would have a lot of time on my hands. Quite frankly, its a given that this post will be very long and time consuming. So here it is... :)

Day 1: Having to be at the airport for six in the morning was anything but delightful. But knowing that this would be the jumpstart to our trip, we dealt with it. The flight was fine, nothing un-quotidian. When we landed we pulled out our fabulous umbrellas and hopped in a taxi cab. Our first obvious stop was our hotel (we stayed at the Westin in Time Square.) Once at the hotel, we freshened up and started our venture. We walked around Time Square for a bit taking in the enormity of the city and deciding on our first stop. Of course the first thing we spotted was the monstrous M&M advertising the ginormous M&M Factory. If you hate M&M's I would definitely not recommend you go to this factory. Even though I've been here twice before, the others were amazed with this place. (If you ever go to New York, you have to visit this place.) After running in and out of shops waiting for the rain to die down, we went back to our hotel and got dressed for a fun-filled evening. Our concierge suggested us go to a rather quaint Italian restaurant that was quite marvelous. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very debonair. After dinner, we headed to the Winter Garden Theatre and experienced something so spectacular. The broadway play, Mama Mia, was everything people raved about. (I also highly recommend this.) But this is where the best part of the night comes in. As we exited the Theatre we noticed that it was literally pouring raining. If you know anything about New York it's that it is very difficult to hale a taxi in the rain, in heels. Yes, four inch platforms were on my feet and my poor friend was wearing four inch stilettos. From the theatre to our hotel it was about eight blocks, which we walked. Halfway through Elizabeth threw off her shoes and walked barefoot around the city. We laughed as we tried to avoid as many puddles as we could. Oh and I can't fail to mention that some random college dude tried to hop under our umbrella, as if we could fit three people under it. If anything it was a sight to see. 

Day 2: Waking up to the city was probably the best feeling ever. (I'm being a little over dramatic here.) Liz and I started off the morning with a little Starbucks, like always. Today was the day we tackled the oh so wonderful town of Soho. Our private driver, yes I said our private driver, brought us to Central Park and gave us a little historical overview. Of course we couldn't go to New York without going to Central Park and taking a picture on The Met steps, so we did them both. Lemme just tell ya, it was the perfect day to have a driver too because they were having a parade which closed off almost every street. Second we visited Eloise at the Plaza hotel. Let me say, it was just as fabulous as Eloise's mom's coat at the end of Eloise at the Plaza: Christmas Time movie. I felt rather divine visiting the Plaza. Just as Eloise said herself, "I absolutely love the Plaza." Rapping up our trip up the miniature red carpet and into the Plaza, we went to Madison Avenue. This was another fabulous place. Oh how I loved Madison Avenue. It's every rich girls dream. All the designer stores rapped around your finger... What more could a girl ask for? Finishing up Madison Avenue, we went to the site of Ground Zero. Elizabeth and I may or may not have ditched the sightseeing to pop some tags at a nearby Century 21. Wishing we had one of our own, I snagged an awesome leather cropped top while Liz purchased a totally amazing black jumpsuit. Finally, Soho. Before shopping we grabbed a (delicious) quick bite at yet another Italian restaurant. I won't even begin to write about all the shops we went to and all the stuff we bought because I don't want to bore you. But I won't leave out that we snacked on the great mini cupcake shop Baked by Melissa. (Another recommendation!) The rest of our day mainly consisted of shopping, which was the main part of our trip, and a nice sit down dinner at our hotel next to a nice out-of-the-country boy. (Lol at that Liz!)

Day 3: Ahhh. Another morning in the city. Today is the day in which we attended mass, did a little more shopping (obviously), took a picture in front of the fountain, celebrity watched at the red carpet of the Tony Awards, walked the red carpet, and went to Stardust. We went to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral which was incredibly beautiful. In season four of Gossip Girl, our favorite besties have a mini photo shoot in front of the fountain by Madison Avenue. Of course me and my bestie had to recreate it! While the parade rolled on and people starred we took our photos and played our parts. Next, comes the Tony's. As we were driving home from a little more shopping, we passed a few greatly sized crowds of people. At the moment we had no clue what was going on until we jumped out of the car (well not literally) and scoped it out ourselves. A few celebs at the event? Tina Fey, Anna Kendrick, Scarlet Johansson, Matthew Morrison, and Jake Gyllenhaal. I wish I would have had a further notice that I would be walking the red carpet because I could have worn a fabulous dress or something but unfortunately I had to wear my super cute Anthropologie romper. With a hungry appetite, we dined at Stardust. If you don't know what this is you should really look it up or visit it. It is very interesting. This restaurant is diner themed and is run by Ellen DeGeneres herself. This is a diner were those who did not make it on broadway go to work. The whole time you're there the staff dances on tables and sings to you. We went for my birthday dinner so lucky me I was serenaded by the staff. You have to visit this place. Sadly ending our last full night in New York, we returned to our hotel. 


Day 4: Thankfully our flight didn't leave until one so we didn't have to be at the airport until eleven o'clock. Due to the bad weather in Atlanta, our flight was delayed which caused a whole other ordeal. Because our flight was delayed, they had to rebook our tickets because we would miss our connecting flight. If they wouldn't have found us extra tickets we would have to spend another night in New York which me and Liz were secretly hoping for. Our flight finally took off at three-thirty and we were delayed for about thirty minutes in the Atlanta airport which wasn't that bad considering how big it is. The most depressing part of the whole trip was coming back home. Blahhhh. 

Our trip met all of my expectations and then some! I had a divine time and I already want to go back.

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